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宇宙科学研究所 研究者総覧 「あいさすmap」

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AffiliationJapan Aerospace Exploration Agency
SectionInstitute of Space and Astronautical Science
Job titleInternational Top Young Fellow (equiv. associate professor)
Research funding number20814693
ORCID ID0000-0003-4590-0988
J-Global ID202001015221817161


Specializing in planetary formation theory and planetary exploration, I am actively involved in the development of the next generation of planetary exploration missions from within JAXA. I am involved in the exploration programs of ESA, NASA, and JAXA, and I spend 3-4 months/year at the University of Paris.
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Research Interests
Using computer simulations and theoretical methods, I aim to understand the formation and evolutionary processes of various planetary systems, small bodies, and rings (planet formation theory). I also aim to actively maximize the value of planetary exploration missions from a scientific perspective (planetary exploration science).
Mission Involvements
NASA Cassini / JAXA Hayabusa2 / ESA BepiColombo / JAXA MMX / JAXA Next Generation Sample-Return Mission / JAXA OPENS (Japan's first exploration of the outer solar system !?)

Research Interests

Exoplanets ,Planetary Science ,Planetesimal formation ,Planetary Exploration ,Planet Formation ,Satellite formation

Research Areas

  • Natural sciences / Space and planetary science / 

Research History

Oct 2019
Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency Institute of Space and Astronautical Science  
Apr 2017
Sep 2019
Earth-Life Science Institute (ELSI)   
Apr 2015
Mar 2017
Institut de Physique du Globe deParis (IPGP) / Université Paris Diderot / Kobe University   


May 2022
J S P S Outstanding Young Scientist Award
Ryuki Hyodo 
Sep 2016
The best presentation award
Ryuki Hyodo 


Ryuki Hyodo   Tomohiro Usui   
SCIENCE   373(6556) 742-742   Aug 2021   [Refereed]
Ryuki Hyodo   Tristan Guillot   Shigeru Ida   Satoshi Okuzumi   Andrew N. Youdin   
ASTRONOMY & ASTROPHYSICS   646    Dec 2020   [Refereed]
Around the snow line, icy pebbles and silicate dust may locally pile-up and
form icy and rocky planetesimals via streaming instability and/or gravitational
instability. We perform 1D diffusion-advection simulations that include the
back-reaction t...
Ryuki Hyodo   Kosuke Kurosawa   Hidenori Genda   Tomohiro Usui   Kazuhisa Fujita   
Scientific Reports   9(1)    Dec 2019   [Refereed]
Throughout the history of the solar system, Mars has experienced continuous asteroidal impacts. These impacts have produced impact-generated Mars ejecta, and a fraction of this debris is delivered to Earth as Martian meteorites. Another fraction o...
Ryuki Hyodo   Hidenori Genda   Sébastien Charnoz   Pascal Rosenblatt   
Astrophysical Journal   845(2) 125-125   Aug 2017   [Refereed]
Phobos and Deimos are the two small moons of Mars. Recent works have shown that they can accrete within an impact-generated disk. However, the detailed structure and initial thermodynamic properties of the disk are poorly understood. In this paper...
Ryuki Hyodo   Keiji Ohtsuki   
Nature Geoscience   8(9) 686-689   Oct 2015   [Refereed]
Saturn's F ring is a narrow ring of icy particles, located 3,400 km beyond the outer edge of the main ring system. Enigmatically, the F ring is accompanied on either side by two small satellites, Prometheus and Pandora, which are called shepherd s...


藤田和央   黒澤耕介   玄田英典   兵頭龍樹   松山新吾   三河内岳   新原隆史   山岸明彦   
宇宙科学技術連合講演会講演集(CD-ROM)   63rd    2019
兵頭龍樹   黒澤耕介   玄田英典   藤田和央   
日本惑星科学会秋季講演会予稿集(Web)   2018    2018
黒澤耕介   玄田英典   兵頭龍樹   山岸明彦   藤田和央   
日本惑星科学会秋季講演会予稿集(Web)   2018    2018
兵頭 龍樹   大槻 圭史   竹田 隆顕   
日本惑星科学会秋期講演会予稿集   2014 "P1-18"   Sep 2014
兵頭 龍樹   大槻 圭史   
日本惑星科学会秋期講演会予稿集   2014 "O12-04"   Sep 2014

Teaching Experience

Apr 2020
Understanding of the Earth (Rikkyo University)

Research Projects

日本学術振興会: 科学研究費助成事業 基盤研究(A)
井田 茂 兵頭 龍樹 佐々木 貴教 玄田 英典 
Project Year: Apr 2021 - Mar 2026
To elucidate formation process of martian moons
Japan Society for the Promotion of Science: Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (A)
Project Year: Apr 2021 - Mar 2026
Japan-France joint research on the origin of Martian moons
Japan Society for the Promotion of Science: Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research Fund for the Promotion of Joint International Research (Fostering Joint International Research (B))
Project Year: Oct 2020 - Mar 2026
日本学術振興会: 科学研究費助成事業 若手研究
兵頭 龍樹 
Project Year: Apr 2018 - Mar 2022
日本学術振興会: 科学研究費助成事業 特別研究員奨励費
兵頭 龍樹 
Project Year: Apr 2017 - Mar 2020

Social Activities

ISAS/JAXA 26 Mar 2021 - 27 Mar 2021
 21 Feb 2021 - 21 Feb 2021
ISAS/JAXA 29 Nov 2020 - 4 Dec 2020
ISAS/JAXA 2 Nov 2019